In 1998, our company, now called Air To Water Technologies, Inc., started developing air to water generators. Unlike the dot-com organizations that were prevalent at that time, it was determined that we did not want to grow the business only on an idea and the sale of stock. We wanted to serve our fellow human beings throughout the world. The need for clean air and potable drinking water has been well publicized. With almost seven billion people in our world, different surveys have stated that there is only potable drinking water from three to five billion people. Regardless of which number you chose to believe, everyone is in agreement that today there is not enough drinking water to go around for us all. It is also well known that many of the children who die before age five are victims of bad water.

It was and still is our desire to provide the best quality water possible. We could have gone immediately into production as our Air to Water generators worked very well from the beginning. The water test then, from our laboratory home models and now, from our commercial units are extremely impressive. However, we wanted to fully test the units and the water since people would ingest the final product. During the last 10 years we have made improvements to allow for increased output at lower production costs per gallon or liter of water. Our units can produce water over a wider range of temperature and humidity than any other air to water product on the market. We can produce water in a range wider than 80 degrees. Obviously the volume of water produced will be based upon many items. The dew point is a major controlling factor. Temperature and humidity are very important items in determining the amount of water that can be extracted from the air.

Our units can be made into home models but we have always majored on the commercial units that produce at least 500-1,000 gallons per day. Our units have been tested in the worst possible locations and always received excellent water tests. After looking into the use of ultra violet (UV), it was determined that ozone was far superior to kill anything that just happened to develop in the sealed system. While UV was effective on what it touched, larger units, such as ours, would not allow for the great volume of water to be effectively protected.

Therefore, ozone has been used since the beginning of our production. It has been extremely effective.

Our systems have been developed so that we can now build units custom designed to any size. This includes entire water plants. Air To Water Technologies, Inc., because of its modular design, can now produce equipment in an almost unlimited production schedule. Our units are not only the largest water producers to date, but they are also the effective.