DPI 18-21 Overview

Dew-Point Intelligence (DPI 18-21) is rated at 5,100 gallons/19,000 liters at 75°F/23.9°C and 75% humidity.

Model DPI 18-21 is an atmospheric water generator designed to provide safe good quality drinking water well within US federal guidelines when no water is available.

Model DPI 18-21 atmospheric water generator consists of 6 - 49 ton compressors (294 Tons of refrigeration) utilized to balance the system to meet the programmed schedule to remain under dew point. Low temperature (40°F or customer’s choice) or low humidity (30% or customer’s choice) will initiate temporary system shutdown and are programmable not to unduly waste power. When temperature or humidity improves, the machine will automatically restart. The system will reinitiate at a timed sequence to come back on line. The system is configured with all safety over temperature and over current protection. As an option it can have Internet monitoring and in many cases be reprogrammed remotely.

Model DPI 18-21 Atmospheric Water Generator with "Dew Point Intelligence" is programmed to read dew point at any temperature and automatically adjust refrigeration levels and airflow to maintain optimal operation to produce water. High humidity at any outside ambient temperature causes the dew point to be close to that outside ambient temperature allowing the choice of less refrigeration (and less power) to be used. By controlling refrigeration capacity and airflow during operation, 30% to 50% energy can be saved with this atmospheric water generation over conventional refrigeration.

Optional patented technology allows automatic deicing when the evaporator goes below freezing. At 33°F evaporator fin temperature, the refrigeration system continues to operate down to the outside ambient air of 40°F by means of Air to Water Technologies variable speed compressor and fan control to avoid icing (No other refrigeration technology allows for the independent operation in this temperature range).

Operating Ambient Temperatures:40°F to 120°F and changes are programmable within those temperatures
On-Site Monitoring:
  1. Compressor head pressure
  2. Compressor suction pressure
  3. Temperature of the suction gas
  4. Compressor oil pressures
  5. Refrigeration receiver levels
  6. Pressure drop across the inlet air filters
  7. Ambient air temperature and humidity
  8. Dew point of ambient air
  9. Total gallons produced
  10. Power consumption
Remote Monitoring (extra fees apply):With this option all of the above components can be monitored remotely via the Internet. A static IP address is required. With remote monitoring emails can be sent out to alert of a warning or alarm level for any safety. Data such as gallons produced and dew point trended and can be down loaded from the local controller to a PC via the Internet. If necessary the local controller can be modified or completely reprogrammed remotely via the Internet. The programming engineer can optimize the logic if necessary to produce the maximum water.
General Controller Features:
  1. Monitor head pressure and suction temperature of each circuit. Airflow can be adjusted to keep both in specification
  2. Prove airflow via the Delta Pressure (DP) transducer across the inlet air filters. This same sensor can detect a high-pressure drop across the filters and email a notification to clean (if remote monitoring option is purchased).
  3. Suction temperatures are kept above freezing by use of the patented hot gas by-pass system
  4. Dew point will be calculated and will be used to optimize the water production. Dew point will also be used to determine if the machine should be shut down due to no moisture in the air.
  5. Power can be adjusted to maximize water production and energy savings
Size:Built in a 40 ft. container depending on options
Weight:40,000 lbs. empty (approx.) Unit must sit on a level surface, in a fairly protected area with the airflow unrestricted
Water Bearing Surfaces:All surfaces are inert coatings and components.
Pumping Module:A 30-gallon collection water tank (commercial grade ozone compatible); then “ozonated” and filtered while cycling with the main tank. The pumping tank is equipped with high float start and low float turn off for the new water entering the pumping/filtering system
Pump:Stainless steel 60 PSI, hold, 40 PSI run @ 30 GPM (Larger pumps are available)
Bactericide:Ozone with controlled recirculation
Automatic Self Cleaning Filter:10 micron self cleaning (drain required)
Sediment Filter Two:Stainless steel canister 3 micron or customer’s choice
Sediment Filter Three:Stainless steel canister 1 micron or customer’s choice
If pumping to other tanks or water systems beyond the specified tank below further bactericide and filtration will be needed. Quotes given upon viewing location and requirements.
Water Bearing Surfaces:NSF approved components and stainless steel
Exterior Main Tank (Not quoted):5000-6000 gallons or more (polyurethane above ground commercial grade ozone compatible). Tank is equipped with low float for start of pump for controlled circulation and high float for turn off of entire Unit. Circulation is maintained by the main controller. Various sizes, in ground tanks and stainless steel tanks are also available at further cost. Please request a quote.