Dew Point Intelligence

In recent years technology has evolved being able to use many of the earth’s natural resources such as Solar and Wind power. Whatever nature gives with these resources human beings have learned how to capitalize on this technology to provide green energy. Another up and coming green technology is the producing of potable water from the air.

Atmospheric Water Generation is available above freezing to about 120°F/48.9°C. As solar and wind technologies have variables so does atmospheric water generation with temperature and humidity. Temperatures can soar during the day lowering the humidity and cool off during the night with humidity climbing quite high. So with the changes in temperature and humidity it is necessary to carefully program and control the Atmospheric water generator. We call this "Dew-Point Intelligence" controlling the atmospheric water generator to constantly track the changes in dew point thus making the appropriate adjustments.

Atmospheric water generators with Dew-Point Intelligence are programmed to read dew point at any temperature and automatically adjust refrigeration levels and airflow to maintain optimal operation to produce water. High humidity at any outside ambient temperature causes the dew point to be close to that outside ambient temperature allowing the choice of less refrigeration (and less power) to be used. By controlling refrigeration capacity and airflow during operation, 50%-60% typically, but up to 85% energy can be saved with this atmospheric water generator over conventional refrigeration.

Simply stated air with its humidity is drawn through air filters. This is the first line of defense in providing very high quality potable water. These air filters also keep the machines coils clean and minimize how hard the water filters will have to work. Cleaning and replacing these filters is critical in the performance of the air to water generator.

Causing water to condensate on the coils requires a number of important factors to be maintained. One is unrestricted controlled airflow and the other is that the coil fins must stay below dew point. Carefully tuned and controlled refrigeration with "Dew-Point Intelligence" makes this possible. With higher temperatures and high humidity it is literally like a waterfall of water streaming off the fins of the evaporator coil.

Water condensed on the coil, is collected to be filtered and kept bacteria free by ozone. In a sealed system ozone does not allow any bacteria to form period. Air to Water Technologies has had great success with ozone because it dissipates almost immediately when meeting with the open air. Ozone is tasteless.

This atmospheric water generation technology can be manufactured in module size to be manufactured at our plant and shipped to your location. Atmospheric water generator modules can be mounted on trailers for emergency or disaster relief. Air to Water Technologies has the capabilities through its strategic partners to custom design, engineer and build atmospheric water generation water plants per your specifications to produce millions of gallons/liters or more per day.