The world is watching much closer to the effects that technology has to the earth. There is no doubt about the worlds need for potable water. Unfortunately a lot of the technology that yields potable water has a down side to the environment.

Reverse osmosis (RO) used with fresh water or for seawater presents it own set of problems. Some smaller reverse osmosis systems can take six gallons of water to make one potable gallon. The remaining waste gallons are return to the drain systems and eventually return to the aquifers deep in the ground where drinking water begins. With desalinization, highly concentrated brine is returned to the ocean raising the salt levels near the return. The wastewater tends to be 10-15°F warmer. This has a very bad effect on marine life. Those who drink this water greatly dislike the taste. In some situations there is know choice but to use this technology.

Air to Water Technologies, Inc., atmospheric water generators with Dew-Point Intelligence have none of the problems stated above. The self-cleaning filters discharge sediment filled water that is safe for the environment and very useful for watering the landscape. Replacement of filter cartridges for the other sediment filters has no danger for the environment other than disposing of them properly. Ozone in this use has no effect on the environment. Ozone is extremely useful in keeping the water bacteria free. The air that flows through an atmospheric water generator exists about 8-10°F warmer than outside ambient air.

Environmentally, atmospherically generated water has no harmful effect on the environment like reverse osmosis and desalinization. Atmospheric water generation is simply duplicating what nature does when conditions are right.