Power Consumption

Air to Water Technologies is now offering "Dew-Point Intelligence" technology that maintains 50%-60% typically, but up to 85% savings in the cost of energy over conventional refrigeration systems used in atmospheric water generation. Power conservation is of the utmost concern to help the end user save on the amount and cost of energy. This result is lower power draw as well as equivalent savings in the cost of water. These savings occur due to really understanding the technology and controlling it. Different temperature and humidity cause energy draw to change, which demands the highest power draw with high temperatures and lower power draw with lower temperatures.

The amount of water production far exceeds the higher power draw. Power backs off by up to 85% of peak draw on the compressors in colder temperatures. By having properly placed accurate sensors we control the capacity of the refrigeration to maintain the proper amount of cooling to condensate water. No more or no less. Our technology maximizes the effectiveness of this process. Programming the controller and causing the atmospheric water generator to perform is our specialty. This program can be adjusted on location or on the other side of the world. With a static IP address the Internet allows our engineers to view power, water made and a host of other things that can allow the very heart of the machine to be diagnosed and make desired changes.