The Water Produced

This water is very good tasting! There is no chlorine taste. If the air filters are maintained, the dissolved solids remain very low generally under 10 parts per million. We have found that almost nothing sticks to the water molecule. Every location is different. Still there are only very minimal traces. This technology has none of the problems of ground water. There are no concerns of pesticides, carcinogenic, naturally occurring arsenic or any other harmful chemicals.

Water filters deal with any solids that may have come through airflow. We use a 10-micron self-cleaning filter. One can drink quite safely off this filter but we give the opportunity for the customer to choose the extent of filtration as well as filters to control PH or taste. While the discharge from the self-cleaning filter is not potable, this water can be used for outside watering. There are no concerns of concentrated poisonous non-potable water being returned into the environment that desalinization and reverse osmoses cause.